How to Embed Vimeo Content in Courselink

How do I embed Vimeo videos in D2L?

You may already have been given embed code, which will look something like this:

If not, you can copy it from a video page on Vimeo:

How to get Vimeo Embed Code

Now that you have your code, you can insert it anywhere in D2L where you can bring up the WYSYWIG editor – that includes news posts, conference posts, content topics, etc. To do so, bring create a new piece of content (whether news post, conference post, or topic) and click on the  “Edit HTML Source button”  


Paste your code into the HTML Source editor that comes up, and hit ‘update’

Then save your content as you normally would. The video will appear in a frame inline with the rest of the content in the editor window.


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